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commercial locksmith pembroke pinesRapid Key Recovery  offers a variety of commercial locksmith needs. We have been helping the community of Pembroke Pines since 2001. We are open 24/7 for all commercial locksmith services Pembroke Pines. Call us today to schedule a Free onsite estimate today. Below are some of the services we provide in Pembroke Pines. Hope to hear from you soon!

Master Key Systems – This service allows a business to have just one key to open all of the locks. It brings to the table convenience with out having to give up any employee safety. Master keys are custom made to the business and their requirements.

File Cabinet – Have that old filing cabinet with the locks that are seized tight? Rapid Key Recovery can get you into that cabinet. They will come out to the business and get into that old lock for you; they will even put a new lock into it, too. Don’t forget we provide Automotive, Residential, Emergency and 24 Hour Locksmith service.

Top Commercial Locksmith Services

Electric Door Locks – Electric door locks are a much more advanced way to protect your business and as such, they require a very highly skilled and experienced locksmith. Electric locks are just like a regular lock in that they can run into problems as well. From water damage to electrical glitches, Rapid Key Recovery has you covered with the skill set and experience to handle this type of lock.

Doors and Hardware – Rapid Key Recovery also handles all door and door hardware needs. They will come out to the location and even install or repair any door that you need to have worked on. They are an all service reliable locksmith company.

Safes – With employee turn overs, it is important to change the combination to your safe. Whether it is an electric safe or not, Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. has your back. Business owners still depend on the peace of mind that is afforded from using a safe and Rapid Key Recovery is here for all your safe needs. Call now Commercial Locksmith Pembroke Pines.

Medeco Authorized Dealer – The highest quality when it comes to locks, Medeco is a well known and trusted brand. Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. is a Medeco authorized dealer and are proud to say that they carry Medeco in stock.

Interior and Exterior Doors – Instead of paying the price of a small car payment for an interior or exterior door, give Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. a call. They sell, install, and repair most of the top names of interior and exterior doors.

24 Hour Commercial Locksmith Service

Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. has been in business for over 25 years and is located in St. Louis Park, Minneapolis. A full service, locally owned company, they do not subcontract out any work, they do it all themselves and train professionals to exhibit the Rapid Key Recovery, Inc.’s ethics and morals. They do all types of commercial locksmith services including, but not limited to, automobile, residential, and commercial locksmith needs.

Visit our Commercial Locksmith Pembroke Pines to schedule to have one of their experienced and reliable locksmiths come out and asses the situation. Being in business for over 25 years really means and says something, that Rapid Key Recovery, Inc. is the community leader for any and all locksmith needs.

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